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New Runners- a few tips before pounding the streets

January 5, 2013

If you’re new to running, please start off slowly.

Do not think you will be able to get up and just be able to run a half marathon effectively or even be able to finish, and not pick up injuries. If you try too much too soon you are likely to hurt yourself and this will demotivate you. With anything you need to start bit by bit Running Experts suggest you should not increase your distances by more than 10% each week.

If you are brand new to fitness/running and are unfit it always best to speak to your doctor first especially if you are “obese” a BMI of over 30

Before you go out it is best to make sure you have a few essentials ready.


The main cause of injuries come from incorrect footwear. There are differing running styles called Gaits. This can be Over Pronator, Neutral and Under Pronator. A good website with examples of what the different gaits look like and how to test yours on a piece of paper is

All good running shops will test your gait as well as help you with the type of trainer you require. They will give you video analysis

In Bristol the main two are Easy Runner (St Michael’s Hill) and Moti (Whiteladies Rd)


Also it is good to take a watch with a stopwatch function when I started running I used a Casio watch which I got for around £10 this is so you can see how long you are running. I now have a Garmin Watch but this is an extravagant outlay for someone just starting out.


Clothes need to be fitted but comfortable, you do not want anything that will put you off your stride. Obviously depending on the weather amend your outfit. Compression clothing helps increase the blood supply to your heart and may increase recovery. This would be worn as a base layer. Secondary layer would be a normal long sleeve top and then depending on the conditions a running jacket. Sports Direct is always a good place for cheap clothing and always look out for Aldi and Lidl as they have weekly events starting on a Thursday.

Please make sure you stretch/warm up properly before going out for a run and when you finish as your body will thank you for this and will help aid recovery, making it easier for you to go running again

I would recommend checking out the NHS website as they have a Couch to 5K 9 week plan which you can download as podcasts

Thanks for reading my blog

I am off to sign up to Bristol 10K Sunday 5th May


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