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New Year New You – Set a Goal

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and all that jazz

Hopefully some of you have made resolutions and even better some of those resolutions maybe to get fitter in 2013

With everything new it is always better to set yourself a target, something to work towards. Business theorists suggest goals should be SMART so I will try and incorporate that into today’s post.

  • Specific –

This is the need for a specific goal against a general one. It must be clear in what you want to do

The question is what you want to achieve this year? is it 5K distance, 10K distance, Half-Marathon, Full Marathon or Ultra Marathon.

  • Measurable –

This is will help you ensure you are on track to meet your goal, reach a target date and it will help motivate as you will be able to map progress towards the goal.

The question is how will I know when the target has been met?

  • Attainable –

This is important as a goal should be stretching otherwise you are probably already doing this in your day to day life. However, a target shouldn’t be extreme and unachievable otherwise you would not be able to visualise yourself doing this and would create barriers to starting.

The question is what can you realistically achieve? If you are brand new to running I wouldn’t suggest going straight for the Marathon. It may look exciting on the Television but a lot of hard work and training goes into this. The good thing with goals you can always make new ones so you could start at 5k then 10k then Half then Full over a number of years, reassesing after every target is achieved.

  • Relevant –

Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life to take. By keeping your goal alligned to this it will help develop the focus to need to achieve it.

The question is this something I really want to do and is it fitting?! (get it)

  • Time-Bound –

This part of a goal is the importance of giving a target date a commitment to a deadline can help you focus on your goal.

The question is what can I do 5 weeks, 5 months from now, what can I do today?

Here  are some websites for inspiration DistWhen? Saturday mornings 9am Where? all around the UK including Adhton Court and L ittle Stoke Cost? Free events that are marshalled Distance? 10K  When? Sunday 5th May 9:30 Where? Bristol Distance? 13.1 Miles When? Sunday 15th September 9:30 Where? Bristol this is good as you search for events by month, distance, area, type of race

Thanks for reading and good luck

It would be great to hear some of your goals in the comments section


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